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Child Protection Policy Statement
‘To ensure that every young person accessing GOSHH services is afforded
an equal, fair and empowering service whilst also ensuring best practice standards are upheld
and the welfare of all young people is protected against physical, mental, emotional or sexual harm.’

In our project ‘youth’ means anyone under the age of 18.


Young people can access our services in the same manner as people over the age of 18:
  • Drop-in during our opening hours
  • Telephone our confidential helpline 061 316661
  • E-mail us with questions


We can provide one to one support sessions to young people and young couples. Examples of the kind of support we have provided to young people include:
  • Information on where to access emergency contraception (morning after pill)
  • Specific support around relationships, STIs, alcohol/drug use in relation to sexual health
  • Referrals from agencies where young people have been identified as engaging in risky behaviour
  • Couples who want to discuss starting a sexual relationship in a safe way
  • Information for young people whether straight, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual on safer sex practices
  • Information for young people on stopping or delaying further sexual activity


We can provide sexual health/orientation training for young people if requested by an organisation working with youth. For more details about this and how to book it please check out our training section.


CD (Condom Demonstration) Club

Due to the significant numbers of young people using our drop-in service, we have have an initiative called the CD Club. Membership shows that the young person has successfully completed our condom demonstration training and enables them to receive condoms quickly and easily as needed.

This club is membership only and is open to anyone under the age of 18.

Young people can call in and make an appointment for a condom demo which lasts approximately half an hour.


The Condom demo includes:

  • How to identify a safe condom
  • How to put on a condom correctly
  • Potential difficulties with condom use
  • How to remove and dispose of a condom correctly
  • Information about the STIs that a condom does not protect you from


We find that groups of 4 people work best and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis so you may have your demo with people you don’t know. You must be booked in for a demo before arriving.

The club has a few rules which we outline after the demo and a membership card is issued. We only record your date of birth in association with your card number for identification purposes.

If you would like to book a CD demo please drop-in to reception in order to book an appointment or email sexualhealth@goshh.ie