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Sexual Orientation Workshops


Power Dynamics

Examines the assumptions that are made about people and how these can affect our ability to interact. It will also work as an ice breaker to establish a safe working environment.


Sexual Orientation Values and Messages

Provides participants with an opportunity to recognise and discuss different values as they relate to sexual orientation. It also helps to identify the range of influences which shape our ideas of sexual orientation and how these messages affect our sexual values, attitudes and choices.


Coming Out

Aimed at LGBT groups and LGBT people. An opportunity to explore the participants personal journeys of sexual orientation discovery and the affects that coming out can have within people’s lives.


Internalised Homophobia

Individuals can explore their own orientation identification. Provides participants with an opportunity to become aware of heterosexual conditioning and highlights the impact of internalised homophobia.


Working with LGBT People – Can be a once-off session

This workshop examines the barriers to working with sexual orientation as an issue within your organisation and helps to develop ways to include sexual orientation equality within current programmes.


The Equal Status Act

Information and understanding of the current equality legislation in the Republic of Ireland including discussions around the rights of gay and bi-sexual people and how these might be impacted upon.


Sexual Health Introduction – Can be a once-off session

Designed to explore sexuality and sexual expression focusing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. Also examines why we have sex and introduces risk reduction thinking.


Sexual Empowerment – Can be a once-off session

Explores the world of sexuality from the point of view of sexual esteem. What affects it and how to increase it.


Negotiating Safer Sex

This explores the potential difficulties that can arise when people make practising safer sex part of their sexual life. It also provides an opportunity to experience safer sex negotiation through role play.


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)

This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the myths and facts about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and establish the group’s knowledge level of STI’s. This workshop will also define the meaning of ‘safer sex’, and will detail safer sex practises in a practical way.


Stigma and HIV – Can be a once-off session –

Starting at the participants level of knowledge, this session provides an opportunity to correct misunderstandings about HIV.


Understanding HIV and AIDS –

Starting at the participant’s level of knowledge, this session provides an opportunity to correct misunderstandings about AIDS and clarify confusion around transmission of HIV.


If you are not sure which workshops are most suitable for your group or organisation, contact us and we will provide more information and can discuss the best options for your participants.

Condoms, oral dams, gloves, female condoms and lubrication can also be supplied as part of the training.