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Sexual Health Workshops

Understanding HIV and AIDS

Starting at the participant’s level of knowledge, this session provides an opportunity to correct misunderstandings about AIDS and clarify confusion around transmission of HIV.


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)

This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the myths and facts about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and establish the group’s knowledge level of STI’s. This workshop will also define the meaning of ‘safer sex’, and will detail safer sex practises in a practical way.


Negotiating Safer Sex

This explores the potential difficulties that can arise when people make practising safer sex part of their sexual life. It also provides an opportunity to experience safer sex negotiation through role play.


Sexual Language

Examines the language used to describe body parts that have sexual associations. It focuses on the diversity of sexual language and can act as an ice breaker for work to do with sex and sexuality. This workshop also helps identify the language the group would like to work with.


Sexual Messages

Designed to raise awareness of the range of influences which shape our sexuality, and to explore how these diverse influences can affect our sexual values, attitudes and behaviour.


Sexual Values

Provides participants with an opportunity to recognise and discuss different values as they relate to sexual behaviour and to identify the range of differences within the group and in society.


Sexual Behaviours

Explores some of the different ways in which people can express themselves sexually.


Sexuality Awareness

This workshop allows participants an opportunity to become aware of sexual conditioning and/or sexual preference.


Gender and Sexual Stereotypes

Explores what it means to be a woman or a man. It also provides an opportunity for a group to examine alternatives to traditional sex roles and identities.


Sexual Prejudices

An opportunity to explore how prejudice and discrimination, in relation to sexuality, affect our options and choices in everyday life.


Friendships Explored – Can be a once-off session

This workshop explores what friendships mean to group members and how these affect our values, attitudes and behaviour.


Contraceptive Use – Can be a once-off session

A presentation of the different methods of contraception available and how they are used. It also examines the advantages and disadvantages of using different contraceptives.


Men’s Sexual Health – Can be a once-off session

This workshop will deal with male sexual health, with attention to testicular and prostate cancer. Time will be allowed to explore what we understand by the ‘Masculine Identity’, with emphasis on feelings.


If you are not sure which workshops are most suitable for your group or organisation, contact us and we will provide more information and can discuss the best options for your participants.

Condoms, oral dams, gloves, female condoms and lubrication can also be supplied as part of the training.