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Once an individual has completed a volunteer application and been accepted in principal as a volunteer in RRP, we then require that volunteer to complete specific in house training before starting work with our service users. This applies to any volunteer, whether the area of work identified for that volunteer is as an outreach worker, youth worker, buddy or counsellor. Our project workers are also required to complete this training, to ensure that best practice standards are upheld.

Due to staffing, we need to wait for a sufficient number of potential volunteers in order to run a volunteer training course.

The training usually covers 10 modules over the course of 10 weeks. Additional training for certain volunteer positions may be necessary and we will endeavour to supply training for related training needs as they are identified.

There is no upper age limit to participate in our training.

There is a lower age of 15 to participate in our training.

Anyone under 18 will be required to supply parental consent.


Modules include:

  • Power dynamics and prejudice
  • Values, stereotypes and messages
  • Anti-oppressive practice
  • STI’s
  • HIV
  • Negotiating safer sex
  • How to use condoms, female condoms and oral dams
  • Basic drug and alcohol use/effects
  • RRP Policies and Procedures
  • Barrier demonstrations


For more information or to apply as a volunteer, visit our volunteering page or contact Martina at the project.