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The Red Ribbon Project can provide once off training sessions. However, it should be noted that some of our training workshops are not provided as once off sessions, details of these sessions are noted in the workshops available section.


Examples of once off training we have provided are:

  • An agency caring for homeless people in a hostel setting, who may require information on the risks of Hepatitis B and other infections to staff and clients.
  • Exploring HIV and AIDS in detail, particularly for agencies or individuals whose work may bring them into contact with people living with HIV.
  • Introduction to Sexual Health


Both Grainne and Billie would feel strongly that the ideal training situation is four or more workshops, spaced on the same day for four or more consecutive weeks with each workshop being no more than three hours duration. This is a tried and tested method and affords the participants plenty of time to process the previous weeks work and to identify any areas requiring clarification or further exploration.

This being said, we also realise that time allocation, budget considerations and other factors may prevent a group from being able to engage with a full programme. It is this context that a once off training day may be of value.


How to book a Once Off/Stand Alone session:

Having taken the time to examine the workshops available section of this website and chosen the type of training you require from either Grainne or Billie’s list of workshops, you would now contact the person you require.

At this stage, either trainer will be able to explain how the training synopsis will be created, tailored to your needs or wishes. If you are in any doubt, you are welcome to ring either Grainne or Billie on 061 314354 with your questions re booking or arranging training.