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These workshops are designed within a participatory framework and may include open discussion, roll play, small group work and various training tools such as CD-Rom presentations, DVD presentations, condom demonstrations, and games. This approach has proven to be more beneficial to participants, particularly with regard to information retention.


How to book a multi-session workshop programme:

Having taken the time to examine the workshops available section of this website and chosen the type of training you require from either Grainne or Billie’s list of workshops, you would now contact the person you require.

At this stage either trainer will be able to explain how the training synopsis will be created, tailored to your needs or wishes. If you are in any doubt, you are welcome to ring either Grainne or Billie on 061 314354 with your questions re booking or arranging training.


Synopsis Example:

If you wished for a five session workshop programme on sexual health, and have selected the modules from the sexual health list, Grainne or Billie would prepare a synopsis similar to this example.

Week 1: Rules, contract for group work, safety and confidentiality. Introduction to Sexual Health, Sexual Language.

Week 2: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Understanding HIV and AIDS, Sexual Stereotypes.

Week 3: Friendships explored, Sexual Prejudices, Sexual Values.

Week 4: Negotiating Safer Sex, Safer Sex Practises, Contraceptive Use.

Week 5: Alcohol and Drug Use and their effects on Sexual Health, Gender Stereotypes, Evaluation of Programme by Participants, Ample time for Q & A session.