Amoebiasis / Giardiasis

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What Is It?

These diseases are caused by protozoan parasites, which multiply in your gut. These parasites are normally contracted via poor hygiene, particularly in environments were faeces (shit) may be ingested – for example, due to not washing your hands after using the toilet, changing a babies nappy or before eating. This can also happen during sex, especially through rimming (sucking and licking the anus) and other kinds of anal play.



Amoebiasis and Giardiasis can cause typical gut problems: diarrhoea, excessive wind, cramps and nausea. However, you can be infected and no symptoms.



Any sex, which could involve contact with faeces, has the potential to transmit amoebiasis and giardiasis. All anal play could lead to transmission if infected faeces moves from someone’s penis or hand to someone’s mouth. The most common route of transmission is direct mouth to anus contact.



If you want to be sure of avoiding these infections you should use a barrier such as a glyde dam when rimming and be careful in other circumstances to keep faeces away from your mouth. If moving the penis or sex toy directly from anus to mouth/vagina, change the condom or female condom.

It is important to wash after any sexual contact involving anal play, paying particular attention to hands, fingernails. Using gloves is a safer alternative.



If you think you have been at risk, visit your local STI clinic to get treatment and to be checked out for other possible infections.

Your sexual partner(s) may also need treatment as they may be infected even if they do not have symptoms.

Remember – Regular screening at your local STI clinic is recommended to maintain your sexual health.



These conditions are easily treated with a course of antibiotics.