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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

An STI can be a virus, a bacteria or a parasite that can be transmitted through sexual contact.

Some STIs (like Gonorrhoea) are curable with the right medication, some STIs (like HIV) have no cure but there are medications available to help reduce symptoms and some STIs (like Hepatitis B) can be vaccinated against.

If you have shared sexual activity with anyone who did not know their sexual health status, either now or in the past, then you may have been at risk from an STI.

Many STIs (like Chlamydia) may have no symptoms. Knowing who you are having sexual activity with is not enough to protect yourself from STIs. The only way to know if you have contracted an STI at some point in your life is to get a full sexual health screening.

For details on how to arrange an STI screening please visit our useful contacts section. You may have lots of concerns about going for an STI screening, if you do, we can provide you with support and counselling around the entire screening process (more information on the screening process is available in our screening section).

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