Rights and Responsibilities

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  • Right to a full, active and fulfilling sex life
  • Right to express myself fully and responsibly as a sexual being
  • Right to live without violence, sexual or otherwise
  • Right to be free from sexual harassment
  • Right to confidentiality
  • Right to access services and supports without discrimination
  • Right to access accurate sexual health information in a relevant format


  • Responsibility to maintain my own sexual health
  • Responsibility to allow others their rights of expression
  • Responsibility to make safer choices
  • Responsibility to stand up for my rights
  • Responsibility for everything I say
  • Responsibility to report and or challenge discrimination whenever I encounter it
  • Responsibility to be clear about my needs

Shared Rights and Responsibilities


Everyone has the right to be able to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), the right to health care if living with an STI and the right to be treated with dignity and without discrimination.

Individuals have a responsibility to protect themselves and others from infection.

Families and Communities have a responsibility to educate their members on STI prevention and to care for those affected by an STI.

Governments have a responsibility to implement appropriate STI prevention education and policies and ensure that all citizens have equal access to available care services, with particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS strategies.