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This section will focus on the pleasurable aspects of your prostate, rather than problems such as cancer which are discussed on our male cancers page.


The Male G Spot ?

Some men would be aware of the existence of the female G spot, even if they don’t know how to find it! But do men have a G spot? Well, technically the answer is no, however, our closest equivalent is the prostate gland. The way to access the prostate gland is via the anus. The gland itself is quite small, being about the size of a walnut, and is located within the perineum – the internal area between your testicles and anus.

When the prostate is stimulated it can greatly intensify your orgasm. The gland can be reached internally by penetrating (inserting a lubricated finger, sex toy or penis into) the anus. A gentle massage action can produce large, explosive orgasms for many men. You do not need to worry about deep penetration as the gland may be reached within the first third (2-3 inches) of the rectal passage, and this is the most sensitive section.

The penetration of your anus can be done by you or your partner and can, if applied safely and gently, enhance the overall sexual experience. Some men only like to have their prostate touched when they are fully aroused, and others feel that having their prostate stimulated increases their erection and leads to much better orgasms. There are even documented cases of some men reaching orgasm through this kind of stimulation alone, without touching the penis at all.

For some men the anus, will only ever be an exit, not an entrance, and if this is you then that is fine. However, a little experimentation on your own or with a partner may lead to more intense orgasms for you. As with most things, practise makes perfect and it will allow you to find your own level of comfort. This still remains for some men a taboo. However, it is your sex life and only you can decide what you are comfortable with but curiosity may be a good thing.


The Golden Rule

Follow safer sex guidelines, as covered in the safer sex section of this website AND Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate!