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A rapid test is a quick and painless way of finding out whether you have a particular infection.

GOSHH currently provides rapid tests for both HIV and Hepatitis C.  These tests are available free to everyone.

Do I need a test?

Only you know if you may have been at risk from HIV or Hepatitis C.  Generally we believe that everyone needs to know their status.

Should I get a rapid test?

Yes.  If you want to know your status and/or are worried you may have been at risk.

Talk to anyone at GOSHH to find out your options for testing for HIV and Hepatitis C.

If you have been at risk from HIV or Hepatitis C, then there is a possibility you have been at risk from other STIs.  For a full sexual health screen, which is free and confidential you can contact your local STI clinic 

 How much does it cost?

Our rapid tests are free.

Do you have to use a needle?

We do not take blood using a needle and syringe.  We do the test by pricking your finger to get a small amount of blood.  The test results are available almost immediately.  Click here to watch a video about the test.


Will anyone know about my test result?

Before you have your test, we will explain about our referral process.  You will be asked to sign a consent form.

  • If your result is negative, we will tell no-one.
  • If your result is reactive, we will tell the local consultant so you can get any treatment and medication you might need.

Apart from that, your test is completely confidential to you.  We won’t tell your family, doctor or partner.

How do I book an appointment?

In order to get a rapid test you can visit the office on Davis Street to make an appointment with a member of staff, email support@goshh.ie or ring 061 314354 during office opening hours.


You might prefer to attend one of our special testing days.  We usually advertise these days through social media, our website and the local newspapers. You might find that we will advertise a testing day somewhere near you.

 Community Information

We are looking for venues interested in hosting our testing teams for special testing events. If you own or manage a business or community space, and are interested in getting this service for your customers or clients, please contact us to talk about what is needed.

We have organised testing events in hostels, bars, community centres, hotels, and educational spaces across the mid-west. We would also welcome interest from barbers shops, health and fitness venues, and any other potential spaces in the region.

We are part of the KnowNow national peer testing program. Click here for the national KnowNow testing calendar.

Our general rapid testing leaflet can be downloaded here – GOSHH General Rapid Testing 2018