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Our project is called GOSHH: Gender, Orientation, Sexual Health, HIV. We chose to include and specifically name HIV in the rebranding of our project (from Red Ribbon Project) because working with HIV is one of our priorities.

For most people receiving a HIV diagnoses is very stressful, shocking and often a life changing experience. In Ireland treatment if free and can be accessed through your local STI Clinic. If you are advised to start treatment you may experience some initial side effects however these generally settle down after a couple of months and generally people respond well to the medication that is available here in Ireland.

However there are many layers to be negotiated in adjusting to this new situation and with this is mind GOSHH can offer the following free services

  • Counselling
  • Personal Support
  • Peer Support
  • Complementary therapies
  • Library and other resources
  • Sexual health services
  • Recovery services
  • Advocacy



GOSHH provides free counselling to people who are HIV positive. Counselling gives individual’s support and an opportunity to explore concerns, feelings and difficulties relating to having HIV in a safe and confidential setting. Our counsellors have many years of experience, and understand the fear, stigma and stress often experienced by people who are HIV positive and the challenges that they may face on an ongoing basis.



Personal Support

GOSHH recognise that even if you know about HIV, at various times in your life you may have specific support needs.  You may be anxious about who you can talk with about being HIV positive. You may have housing difficulties or other practical things that need to be dealt with, we may be able to help with some of it.

Peer Support

Whilst reading about HIV can provide a lot of the information you may require, talking to someone else who is living with HIV can also offer you additional understanding and support. We have contact with many individuals who are living with HIV and also other organisations around the country that may be relevant to you. We facilitate a monthly peer group for PLWHIV. This is an opportunity to meet others in a similar position to yourself in an informal, friendly and fun environment.
To find out how you can attend this group please contact our Personal Support Worker, Anne Doorley.
Email:  personalsupport@goshh.ie or phone 061 314354.


Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies can help to keep your immune system strong and your stress levels down. We offer Acupuncture, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Hypnotherapy.


Library and Resource Centre

We have a library covering relevant topics. We stock up to date information from the National AIDS Map (NAM), who publish very useful leaflets and booklets on all aspects of living with HIV.

There is an excellent book called ‘Living with HIV’ and NAM publish a monthly newsletter, both of which are available free of charge to people living with HIV. There is also a book published by Dublin AIDS Alliance that may be useful to you and some new Irish publications being launched.

As well as this we have a regular supply of other HIV publications such as Positively Women, Plus+ve, Positive Nation, Happiness is Vital and Body Positive.

If you know of other good resources, we are always open to new ideas, so talk to us and tell us what you would like.


Sexual Health Services

In addition to our information on sexual health, secondary prevention, and how to avoid other Sexually Transmitted Infections, we can supply condoms, female condoms, glyde dams, gloves and lube. Everything you might need to continue a healthy sex life. These items are available to anyone by asking for them at reception.


Recovery Services

We provide assistance to people who wish to recover from alcohol/drug use for those who are living with HIV and/or HEP B/C. If you want more information please ask us. We have information about local drugs services including needle exchange programmes and community detox programmes. We can refer you to an agency that would suit your needs.



Sometimes people who are living with HIV face discrimination and are stigmatised. We can provide you with an advocate (someone to speak with or on behalf of another) to deal with any agency or individual to minimise the impact of this discrimination and to help challenge the discrimination at a legal level. Please contact us if you require legal advice or an advocate.



If you are looking for something specific that is not on this page, please let us know. We are a person centred service and aim to provide you with what you need. If we cannot provide it we will almost certainly be able to refer you to someone who can.


Receiving a positive result for HIV may leave you with questions. We have years of experience with HIV/AIDS and many more professional contacts to help answer your questions. Having the answers to any and all questions which you have may assist you in coming to terms with your diagnosis and living a healthy life. Please contact us if you need to.


More information on living with HIV can be found in our Living with HIV section


To contact someone for counselling, support or information around HIV please contact our project 061314354 or email  personalsupport@goshh.ie