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We believe that people living with disabilities are as entitled to our services as any other person is. We recognise that due to living circumstances and certain laws in Ireland today, people living with disabilities are often denied sexual expression.

We are committed to working with people who are living with disabilities in an empowering way, that will support personal empowerment and encourage sexual expression.

We are experienced at working with people who are living with disabilities and welcomes any new groups or individuals who wish to avail of our services. Training for groups with members who are living with disability can be accessed through our training section.


Examples of work we have done in the past include:

  • Rehab groups
  • Enable Ireland Groups
  • One to one support for young men living in care
  • Volunteer training for people with learning disabilities
  • Facilitating trips to sexual health conferences
  • The heterosexual wheelchair Karma Sutra
  • Advocacy on behalf of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) wheelchair users
  • Information about places to buy sex toys for people with limited hand movements
  • Information on where to buy visual aids (videos, dvds etc) with a condom use ethos
  • Support for people working with people living with disabilities around sexual health and healthy sexual expression


Wheelchair Access

We are proud to say that a big part of the reason we moved to this building was in order to ensure wheelchair access. We have wheelchair access to the whole of the support, counselling and training space, including toilets and an accessible kitchen and sink area.


Hearing impairment and the Deaf Community

We have a worker with very limited knowledge of Irish Sign Language (ISL) and are willing to work with an interpreter for groups or individuals with hearing impairments. We require any ISL interpreter to agree to our confidentiality policy before commencing work with us. We are willing to take the time necessary to support people on a one to one without an interpreter if this is preferred. We have many mobile numbers for people to text us on.

They are the Counselling & Support Project at 0876086257, LGBT Support Project Worker (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans*) at 0852850107, Community Support Project at 0872192848 and the GOSHH Manager at 0878291553.


Visual Impairments

All of our leaflets are created in simple format for people who are living with visual impairment, we recognise the National Council for the Blind in Ireland (NCBI) guidelines for creating documents that are accessible to people living with visual impairments. Please ask if you require adapted copies of our leaflets.

We welcome any suggestions or comments people may have to increase our accessibility to everyone.