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If you are looking for HIV test there are various places around the country that can provide it. Depending on where you are living, working or where you would prefer to do the test will depend on where you go for the test.


The test is free; some places provide the consultation for free, some places require payment for the consultation and some places will provide the consultation for free if you are on a medical card. It is entirely up to where you go and whether you pay or not.


As GOSHH is a Mid West service we will concentrate on the testing places in the Mid West (Limerick, Tipperary North and Clare). If you would like information about other places in the country to get a HIV test please see our useful contacts.


You can get a HIV test at:

  • STI (sexually transmitted infections), sexual health and GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinics
  • Rapid HIV test at GOSHH
  • Safety Net Clinics
  • Family doctor (GP)
  • Specialised services or clinics for certain groups in Irish society


STI, Sexual Health and GUM Clinics

The STI clinic in the Regional Hospital Limerick provides HIV testing for free by appointment. This sexual health team also run STI clinics in Nenagh and Ennis. Call 061 482382 to make an appointment at either Limerick, Nenagh or Ennis. Alternatively you can email theclinic@hse.ie to make an appointment.


If you require an appointment in Nenagh or Ennis then just say so when you call them. They do require that once you have chosen a clinic for testing you would return to that clinic for results and any treatment you might need.


This test is not on your medical record. This is a confidential service and the information is not passed to your GP (Doctor) without your specific permission.


Rapid HIV Test at GOSHH

In December 2012 GOSHH launched a service where people who are worried about their HIV Status can avail of a Rapid HIV test in the project offices. This test is confidential and takes approximately 40 minutes and you will receive a negative or reactive result before you leave the building. In the case of a reactive result your information will be forwarded to your local STI clinic.


To make an appointment for a test please email info@goshh.ie or telephone (061) 314354.


Family doctor (GP)

Most GP’s will provide testing for HIV if requested. The test is free but you may have to pay to see the doctor.


This test will remain on your medical record.


Safety Net Clinics

There are two free safety net clinics for people in Limerick City. One is located at the St Vincent De Paul building. One is located at the Ana Liffey Building. Both clinics, whilst providing full GP health care, also provide STI screening, including tests for HIV and Hepatitis B/C. At present the clinic is free to attend & the costs of any medications are covered, however there is a prescription charge at the pharmacy of €2.50 per item.


The clinics are open:

Ana Liffey (between Tubs n Tiles on Ballysimon Road & Mount St Lawrence cemetery)

Wednesday afternoon 2.30pm – 5.00pm; Rachel on 085-1559158 or Declan on 085-1559598


St Vincent de Paul drop-in centre (at the back of main SVP office, Ozanam House, Hartstonge St) Thursday afternoon 2.30pm – 5.00pm; Tom or Noel on 061-313557


The services provided are:

  • Basic GP care
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • Blood borne virus (HIV, Hepatitis) testing and referral
  • Wound dressings
  • Cervical screening
  • Hepatitis A & B, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Flu vaccines
  • Contraception


The clinic does not prescribe sleeping tablets, benzodiazepines, ensures or methadone.


Specialised Testing Services

Apart from the standard specialised testing services throughout Ireland for pregnant women and people seeking asylum, there are no other specific specialised testing services in the Mid West Region to date.


The STI clinic, GOSHH and the safety net clinics are all happy to test men who have sex with men, IV drug users, and sex workers, in confidence.


If you would like to talk to someone about your testing options please contact GOSHH on 061314354 or email info@goshh.ie