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We offer the following services for people in the area of Gender:

One on one support.

GOSHH offers one on one support for individuals. This service can be used to answer any questions you might have relating to gender. One on one support can also help people build confidence about their own gender identity.

Family support

GOSHH facilitates support for family members relating to gender.

Peer support for over 18s

GOSHH facilitates a peer support group for those exploring their gender called Transpire.  For more information please email lgbt@goshh.ie

Youth group for under 18’s

This group empowers young people through education and raising awareness around sexual, emotional and mental health issues that are of relevance to them and their peers. GOSHH aims to empower young people through educational workshops. Topics may include mental health & emotional wellbeing, LGBT Rights, Gender Expression, Sexual Health and the law in Ireland & religion. For more information please email youth@goshh.ie

Peer networks

We can provide contact with other peers, where available, in order to aid people with questions about gender.


GOSHH provides information to individuals about gender. This includes information on Trans*, Queer, Inter*, Cis*and other gender expressions. This also includes topics regarding male and female stereotypes and experiences.


Counselling and Psychotherapy provides individuals with an opportunity to explore issues and concerns in a safe non-judgmental, confidential environment and enables them to manage their lives more effectively.
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Health Promotion

GOSHH supports individuals to maintain wellness in their lives through provision of information in person and in print. This includes sexual health, safer sex practices and mental health.


GOSHH has a confidential helpline which can be reached at (061) 316666.