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When working with people who are exploring their gender it is important to understand some of the words we are using, on this section of the website you will find information about gender and how better to understand it.

Let’s start with the basics:

Gender is a social construct and commonly these are the definitions used.

Gender is who you are.

Gender expression is how you show people who you are.

Sex is described as your physical genitalia.

Orientation is who you feel attracted to.

These are very basic definitions of these terms and we would invite you to familiarise yourself with the other information in these pages to understand them better – click here

Gender: What is it? Click Here

We offer the following services:

For individuals: One on one support for adults and under 18’s, family support, transpire peer support group, peer networks, information, counselling, health promotion, and support group for under 18’s. Further information can be found here

For organisationsAwareness raising workshops, information, best practice guidelines, assistance in making workplaces more gender inclusive, and tailor made training programmes.

We actively promote Gender visibility and diversity throughout the Mid-West region of Ireland.

If you are an adult please contact Patrick McElligott on 0852850107 or LGBT@GOSHH.IE

If you are under 18 please contact Rachel Newland on 0874447368 or YOUTH@GOSHH.IE