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Each year GOSHH produces an Annual Report. This report showcases the work that was carried out during the previous year. GOSHH also publishes a copy of the annual audited accounts.

The most recent copy of our published Annual Report & Audited Accounts are published below.
The 2013 Reports are produced under our previous name – Red Ribbon Project. GOSHH launched on July 22nd 2014 and the 2014 reports will be published by GOSHH.

The most recent Annual Report is for 2017 and Audited Accounts are for 2016 – Audited Accounts for 2017 will be posted in September 2018. They are listed below and can be viewed online or downloaded.

Annual Report 2017 – GOSHH Ireland CLG

2016 Annual Report – Red Ribbon Project CLG trading as GOSHH

GOSHH Financial Statements 2016

Previous Reports and Audited Accounts are listed below.

GOSHH 2015 Annual Report       Red Ribbon Project Limited Trading as GOSHH, 2015 Audited Accounts

GOSHH Annual Report 2014     Red Ribbon Project TA GOSHH, Audited Accounts 2014

RRP Annual Report 2013  2013 Audited Accounts

Annual Report 2012      2012 Audited Accounts